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Bodybuilding Experience Challenge

starts in may 2022

Ironbark fitness Body Building Challenge

The first ever bodybuilding competition was held in 1891 and was called “The Big Show”. Ever since then, the sport of bodybuilding has massively grown in popularity, hitting a peak in 2014 and hasn’t subsided since.

Over the course of my career which has included 7 yrs of competitive bodybuilding, I’ve had countless people express interest in doing a comp but they always become overwhelmed in where to start, what needs to be done and if they think they have the ability to handle what it takes. Plus I’ve seen many friends fall victim to the psychological effects the sport entails either at the hands of the judges with their critical feedback, their body not handling the post comp rebound or the body dysmorphia as a result of being so shredded then feeling “fat” with every kilo gained.

I’ve always wanted to be able to show people what it takes to get stage ready but without the pressure of the judges, the ruthlessness of the competition and the enormous price tag of the sport.

Thus, my bodybuilding experience has been born!

Everything that the sport entails without the psychological or emotional repercussions. Where participants will have their discipline and commitment tested like never before while also receiving constant support and positive feedback. Even though you won’t be stepping foot on stage, you will still learn all the elements necessary to be comp ready.

You will learn :
– How to increase the intensity of your training
– The discipline your nutrition needs to be at
– Posing, stage presence and stage costume

Training dates follow 8 week blocks:

Body Scan, Measurements and Introduction: 28th or 29th May

Growth Block: Block 1: 30th May – 22nd July

Rest week

Prep Block 2: 1st August – 23rd Sep

Body Scan, Measurements and Photoshoot- 25th Sep

This experience is not for the faint hearted or for people new to training. It is brutal, I will push you to breaking point, I will show no mercy. I will come down on you if you slip up, but I will also be your biggest cheer squad and proudest coach. You’ll have a team of friends backing you all the way!

Limited spots are available for this first of its kind challenge.

Register now for your information pack….and let’s release the beast inside.